Smartware Network 8000 Documenting Service
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Uploading Network 8000 Files
You can upload almost any type of Network 8000 file to our server.
  • Microzone and PEM Text Files from XPSI (.txt)
  • Microzone and PEM Binary Files from XPSI (.mz2, .pem)
  • GCM/LNC/LCM Block Dump Text Files from a terminal program (.txt, .log)
  • GCM/LNC/LCM Block File from Smartware NW8000 Communications Utility (.blk)
  • Zip File Containing any combination of the above (.zip)

The FREE Smartware NW8000 Communications Utility
We have created a free Network 8000 Communications Utility to make it simple to get all the relevant block information from a GCM, LNC or LCM device. This utility:
  • Connects directly or through a modem
  • Works with all COM Ports
  • Includes a full VT100 emulator for interactive communication
  • Stores its information in a custom database file format (.blk)
  • Can be stopped and restarted from the point it left off
  • Checks for errors as it collects data and automatically retries as needed
  • Gets block data along with VEO Group and Current Status Data definitions
  • Automatically checks for and downloads its own updates
You can download the latest version now:

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